Who We Are:

The key component in our industry leading customer service is our dedicated staff of employees. Everyone who touches our products, from start to finish, is a full time, full benefits employee. All of our employees receive a fair wage and are highly knowledgeable about our products.

At EC Wilson we understand that the face of our company begins with the hard-working people who hand-pick and deliver your products to you. That is why we select people that care about the success of your business and are happy to be working here. Second, every account is assigned a sales representative who has been with the company for several years. Our sales staff is always eager to discuss with you what we can do to help any problems your business might be facing.

Our Staff:

 Sean Sanderson - Production Lead: With more than 25 years of meat industry experience, Sean is a highly skilled butcher who knows the most efficient ways to maximize yields in order to provide the best quality at the best price. His broad knowledge was attained through retail and wholesale production, as well as owning and operating his own butcher shop. He and his team take pride in providing the highest quality that our customers expect.

 Jackson Brookins - Buyer, Sales Support: Jackson not only supervises our Saturday operations, but also buys all of our game, lamb, and specialty pork. When he's not busy managing our inventory, he also assists the sales team in responding to questions and emails. 

 Adam Beach - Production Supervisor:Adam comes from the restaurant world. As a former Executive Chef, Sous Chef, and Line Cook, he knows what restaurants are looking for in terms of consistency and quality.

 Gene Hine - President: Gene learned much of what he knows about this business on the job as a third generation owner of a hotel and restaurant meat supply company. Early in his career, Gene started Skagit Valley Meats, which would eventually become the company model for the future of EC Wilson. He has presided over several periods of transition and change for this company that has resulted in much of our current growth.

Email: Gene@ECWilsonMeat.com

 Jason Hine - Vice President, Sales: Jason is a fourth generation owner of EC Wilson meats. In addition to being the beef buyer and specialty chicken buyer, he is the primary sales rep for many of Seattle's best restaurants.

Email: Jason@ECWilsonMeat.com

 Jordan Laine Sales: Jordan is EC Wilson's Seafood buyer, as well as sales rep to caterers and food service accounts.

Email: Jordan@ECWilsonMeat.com

 Randy Littlefield - General Manager, Sales: Formerly in charge of Marine Provisions, Randy now organizes day to day operations for EC Wilson. He is the primary buyer for commodity pork and chicken, as well as seafood. In addition, he is a leading sales contact for our butcher shops and several restaurants.


 Nancy Russell - Accounting Supervisor: Nancy is the primary contact for any billing questions. She also processes any applications for credit.

Cam Nobles - Sales Support: Cam got his start with EC Wilson delivering product to many of our Seattle accounts, and has recently been brought into the office to help out in the afternoons. His father, Steve Nobles worked for EC Wilson for many years in sales.

Kyle Pearson - Warehouse Manager: Son of well-respected local meat man Wally Pearson, Kyle has been involved in the meat business since he was a teenager. Kyle personally inspects every delivery of freight that we receive into our stock, and ensures that our standards of quality are being met.

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